Freight & Logistics

Lennon Heavy Equipment has a tried and proven network of Australian and International Freight & Logistics partners used for transporting both our and our customer’s machinery.

Our relationship with these machinery freight partners is second to none.

Our customers are always satisfied with the result, no matter how straightforward or difficult the transportation may be. The most competitive price is not the only result we strive for. Trust and efficiency are just as important when dealing with your machinery investment.

Transport can interrupt your workflow and operations, causing headaches and delays. We understand how integral our shipping and transport partners are to ensuring our customers receive the best possible machinery freight and logistics experience.

When you deal with Lennon Heavy Equipment you receive the added bonus of our global machinery freight and logistics transport network which works hard to serve you.

Freight and Logistics - Mining Machinery Haulage

Domestic Transport

We can organise any domestic transport solution for any customer upon request.

Haulage Solutions are our trusted partners for domestic transport and logistics.

Our customers are welcome to make direct contact with our freight & logistics partner to obtain independent transport and logistics quotations:

Haulage Solutions, Brisbane

Contact Amanda Lennon
Phone +61 (07) 3279 2970 or Mobile – 0413 201 982

International Machinery Freight & Logistics

Lennon Heavy Equipment possesses considerable in-house expertise to shift machinery anywhere around the world.

We are always pleased to apply this expertise to resolve our clients’ international transport, shipping and customs clearance challenges. Simply ask us!

Lennon Heavy Equipment

Contact Steve Reed
Phone +61 (07) 3369 9288 or Mobile – 0413 20 1979